Hermes Hiris: My Century Was Left Behind

Opening with a bunch of rose, but it’s the matter of  seconds for the rose note to wear off and let the combination armed with Cedar plus Amber  overwhelm your nose.  Do not forget to pay a tiny bit of attention so you can detect the hint of honey as well as vanilla.

But the best part is that Hiris is pretty earthy, making you feel as if you held muddy strong hands covered with tons of gardening hours. Still, this perfume is not totally about the hard solid ground for which the earth stands, it is beautifully blended with iris and neroli to soften the hardness.

Belong to unisex fragrance, Hiris could work for any earthy scent lovers regardless of  genders. On a lady’s skin, it enhances her elegance as well as raises her charming beauty and  If a man  gonna wear this, he actually should exploit the deep amber note to make it stand out on the earthy theme by rubbing the liquid a bit as he applies. That will subsequently create a harmonious scent without being either too feminine or masculine.

Launched  during the ending days of the old 20th century in 1999 ,  Hiris  is not simply  a  smelling-good-artificial- liquid but an elixir of memory . While giving a mini bottle to me, that special one told me to keep it in order not to forget our time. Since that day, I have never been able to escape from what called the nostalgia  to face the reality. I found my soul age stopped right at 16, every next birthday passes , I wear Hiris and repeat to myself what has been growing older is nothing more than a  bleak physical appearance.  Just when I close the wardrobe and  the scent is nowhere near of sight,  suddenly tears burst  and I feel like…

You once promised to be on my side,

But then why I was left behind?

How long would it take,

To let me return the scent you lend


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