Shiseido Ibuki Skincare – Is a new boss coming?

I can’t write! Oh, dear, I have not been able to write a thing since the last 3 months, not due to the lack of inspiration but the terrible breakout which has  not come to an end yet.  In  this such condition, I just stick with the basic skincare routine and try to find something good enough to either calm my skin ( which slowly resists to my current skincare regime as time passes ) or contain healing property for the opening wounds after the potentially-leaving-scar-mark extraction. Coincidentally, I heard something about the new Shiseido  Ibuki line which seems to meet my demand. So, why don’t give it a try? I talked to myself and was extremely pleased to find out that this brand was having a workshop to help the customers to experience new products before deciding whether you should lighten their wallet

Late in this noon, Niky and I visited the hotel where  Shiseido store locates. As we entered, she was a little bit uncomfortable as she thought  we might be persuaded to die to purchase something. But phew! It did not happen. The staff there was so nice & friendly. They gave us a quick introduction, then illustrated the steps of applying the skin care, and finally, gift us 4 free samples around 5ml each to use at home.

A week later, my friend called to ask if I would love to go to the launch of  Ibuki on Friday with her. “Who was saying? Not the couple- of -day- insist- staying-home girl I know? And how do you expect me to come, they don’t  invite me”, I dreadfully told her through the phone, trying not to bust in laugh as I imagine how her face would be .  After a confusing  pause, my friend rushed into explanation. Because how much lovely the staff , how nice the product, and she swore there would be some well – looking guys wandering around  ( boys at cosmetic launch – what a  ridiculous story to make up ) . On top of that, despite the fact that both of our contacts were saved, since I forgot & could not provide my phone number , they were only able to call her. “But I asked to save a sit for you”, she said. “Ok, I have nothing to do the next day. It will be boring as hell. So come a have a look should be fine”, I thought and eventually agreed to come with my friend though I doubted if I would be the only boy there.

Then came the day attached to a little trouble as I was a little bit  late on the  Friday morning due to the traffic jam, rain and disappeared socks….  There were nice cupcakes, well served fruits & iced lemon tea. Very lovely of you, Shiseido!

Being at the launching room filled with Shiseido signatures on the background , I calmly recollected the golden old days in  junior high school when  every beauty magazine was marked with  Shiseido The Skincare picture on their last cover page.The Skincare was once like the victorious venerable conqueror of beauty in my mind. And now, Ibuki range is coming to replace it, I felt a little bit loss for an old old friend we used to spend days with.

Nonetheless, according to the given information at the launch, Ibuki is more than just giving standard hydration like The Skincare, It also helps maintain the level of hydration and reduces  pore sizes, to say nothing of  anti acne property added! The explanation is derived from what called “Shape Memorizing Cell Technology”  that is originally designed to re-hydrates the dehydrated skin cells. For your skin is well hydrated, it empower the inner skin’s strength to battle against  UV ray, air pollution as well as tension from work and sleep deficiency.

Wild wonder, then, that two scientist from Shiseido Thailand Laboratory  showed us a moisturizer study stating  without proper hydration, our skin cells can be shrieked up from 5 to 9%, leading to… Yes wrinkles – the disguising foe. And Ibuki which mainly focuses on hydrating can plump up your dry sells & revive them. In many ways, this process somehow shares the same pattern as you add water into a dry sponge. The sponge will definitely be softened and increase a tiny bit in  size.

Proceeding to point of anti acne property, I  don’t need to be very clever to  notice there is no difference for my acne after a week. Well,  it must be because Ibuki is tended to supply hydration for the skin, resulting in hydration block to prevent it from  extra oil producing – the basic nutrition for bacteria’s growth. Regrettably, my pimples are caused by hormone disorder and inflammation 😦

But don’t be disappointed too soon, dear,  my post has not finished yet. There is a light that gives pretty impression for the moisturizing prolongation affect if your skin is truly dry and in need of something super hydration. Well, so now you have it: IBUKI.  Literally, once ago  I took the acne treatment, my skin was flaking and dry like crazy.  Leaving such a thin uncomfortable film on my skin was the only thing my moisturizers did; therefore, you can see, none of  them works. In the nick of time, I remembered there were some samples of different brands I had not used yet. Taking the Ibuki at the fist line, my face was finally met its savior. No more flaking skin, no more dryness neither. And the affect lasted hours !!! 3 or 4, I suppose, while the former moisturizer worked merely around 20 minutes.

Up to now, when my skin condition is better, I no longer need the all the steps of Ibuki; thereupon, the emulsion and cream were left for my sister, I take the Ibuki Softening Concentrate ( toner ) to use only and cheerfully love the light moisturizing balancing affect it gives at night.


4/5 for the toner

3/5 for the rest of the line.

8 thoughts on “Shiseido Ibuki Skincare – Is a new boss coming?

      1. Then when you went see the dermatologist did you bring along the supplement you took? Maybe it can help the dermatologist (somehow) in prescribing your case 🙂

  1. Wonder if you friend named Nicky is Nicky Khánh Ngọc – Editor of Elle Vietnam Magazine, also knowed as “Nàng Thơ” on Facebook?

  2. how about your skin condition is now? I may give you some tips to treat cysts and pimples ^^. By the way, I heard that evening primerose oil may help to regulate hormonal balance and improve skin condition . Have you ever tried it?

    1. Wow, idk that the primrose oil can help. I used to take rose hip oil but get terrible workout though it really improved the dark spots 🙂

      My skin condition now is a liitle bit better. I have no idea when it will totally recover. Can’t wait to hear your tips and thank in advance ^^

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